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About Us
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MetRocketry was founded in 1997 by the name "Ryerson Rocketry Club" and it has a legacy lasting 25 years in which countless strides towards excellence in STEM have been taken.

MetRocketry is an award-winning interdisciplinary university design team consisting of undergraduate students and graduate mentors who want to design, build and launch cutting-edge innovative rockets.

Our core values of professional teamwork and dedicated passion help us in establishing who we are as a team and what we want to achieve.  


Get to Know Us

Starting off from humble beginnings the dream of this team is to consistently aim high and allow ourselves to have the best chance of achieving our missions. We compete annually at the Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico, USA.

Every year we conceptualize, design, and launch a rocket containing an in-house built scientific payload at a target altitude of about 9 kilometers.

We place equal emphasis on developing soft skills as well as technical skills. Leadership, teamwork, camaraderie, and gracious professionalism are qualities that we take pride in nurturing.


This team is dedicated to providing its team members with the perspective and skills necessary to succeed in a working environment.


MetRocketry is a team that provides a unique learning experience to its members by coupling theoretical design and computational analysis with physical testing and manufacturing on a real-world project in a collaborative team environment.


In addition, MetRocketry allows the team to learn and use different software such as SolidWorks, Ansys, CATIA, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more!

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