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Solar System
Mission Phobos & Deimos
Current Project
Mission Phobos & Deimos

After 2 and a half long years of low activity due to the worldwide pandemic, Met Rocketry officially announced two missions developing single-staged rockets and 2-staged rockets.

The year 2023 is a turning point in the history of MetRocketry, the Team is more eager than ever to resume nominal activity and cultivate our ambitions to achieve something remarkable. 

The team has decided to launch 2 rockets this year at 2 different competitions. Introducing - Mission Phobos & Mission Deimos, named after the 2 martian moons.  


Mission Phobos


Mission Deimos

Image by SpaceX

Estimated Timeline

June 2023

Mission Phobos

The Phobos Launch Vehicle is a single-staged rocket that is aiming to launch twice, once at the Spaceport America Cup competition and once again at Launch Canada. It is primed to carry a payload of at least 8.8 lbs and reach an apogee of 10,000 ft.

August 2023

Mission Deimos

The Deimos Launch Vehicle is a two-staged rocket that will be the first two-stage rocket to be launched by MetRocketry. This rocket will be able to demonstrate and carry out an actively stabilized live video feed with a 360-degree field of view in addition to reaching an apogee of 30,000 feet at Launch Canada.

August 2024

Mission Deimos

Our 2-year project requires thorough testing, and we are continuing our Deimos Project!
We will continue building our 30,000 feet 2-stage rocket to test our staging and recovery concepts for later implementation in the larger 2-stage at Launch Canada.

Both of these projects are stepping stones for the team into something far more ambitious and greater. MetRocketry is planning to become the FIRST Canadian design team to launch a 2-stage rocket over 300,000 ft. 

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